There are a couple things you will want to know about wilds.

  •  There a couple different types of wilds: Mountains,Plains, Hills, Forests, Lakes, And Grasslands.
  • Each Wild boosts a certain resources production: Grasslands and lakes boost food production, Hills boost stone production, Mountains boost ore production, and Forests boost wood production.
  • The wilds boost production 5% per level. Level 1=5% boost, level 10=20% boost.
  • When attacking a wild the wild always has the same level of research as its own level. Like when attacking a level 10 wild the defenders have level 10 Honed Blades, Level 10 Vigor and so on.

  • You can have as many wilds as you do the level of your Keep. If I have a level 6 Keep I can only have 6 wilds.
  • If you go to your Keep and click on the top right corner there is an icon that says conquests. If you click on that it will show you all the wilds you own. Next to each icon there is a button that says abandon. If you click on that you will have let go of the wild and it is gone.
  • Before you attack make sure that it is not someone else's wild because you can end up taking there wild which makes the alliance mad.
  • Always attack with your highest Level hero so that you do not lose as many troops as you would with a lower level hero.
  • Wilds only boost the city that conquered it. So if I conquer a hill with my first city it only boosts stone production in my first city.