What Is RuneCrafting & What Is The Best Building To RuneCraft

What is RuneCrafting?

Runcrafting is a new feature on the hobbit KOM that allows you to upgrade buildings above and beyond level 10. Once upgraded, you will gain additional benefits from each of the buildings. In order to runecraft, you will need to upgrade a particular building to level 10 and then you will see the new button. You will need to collect "Forge Runes." So how do you get these forge runes? There are several ways:

  • Win them in the Mystery Chests
  • Win them in special KOM events and tournaments
  • And you can collect them in Campaign Mode

Note that as of the date of this entry, there are 4 levels of runecrafted buildings. So if you upgrade a home, you will reach *1 level. You can keep upgrading until it reaches *4 level.

What Buildings Should I use Runecrafting on first?

In my humble opinion, the most bang for your buck will be upgrading your Barracks from level 10 to *1. This will allow you to build T4 troops and give you and unfair advantage over those not building Tier 4's. Note that in order to upgrade the barracks, you will first need to upgrade your home to a *1 Level.

runecraftingWhy not upgrade your wall, vault, muster field or resource buildings? At this stage of the game the added value of those buildings is minute.