212, 215 Hero & 220 Hero

Just Announced - The 220 Hero

Now not only can you get a 212, 215 Hero, but they just announced the mighty 220 Hero. One of the biggest advantages you can have in battle is attacking and defending with the highest level hero available in the game. Many of the beginners don't know how much of an advantage it makes, but it is huge. The Hero could be the most important piece of the pie when it comes to playing The Hobbit. Not only can you use the hero to double (and more) your damage to other troops, but if you assign it in the Great Hall, you can gain tremendous advantages in resource production, training, building and research time.

In order to level up your hero, you have to be really careful not to go over 199. Follow the steps below:

  1. Level your Great Hall to 10, you will need a hobbit building crew.
  2. Get your Hero to Level 186 without going over
  3. Use 1 Train With Gandalf and a few of the smaller train withs, but be careful not to go over 199. You can attack as well to increase the level. The game allows you to use 1 final train with before reaching level 200. If you hit level 200, you cannot use anymore train withs. So it is imperative you don't go over.
  4. Once at 199 and 2960/3980, you can apply 1 more train with Gandalf.
  5. Kabam! you now have a 212.

199 hero

Now that you have a 212, you will need to acquire Hero Renoun 215 or Hero Renoun 220. You can purchase chests to get these or win them in tournaments and campaigns.

Using Your Hero

  • Be sure to assign your hero to attack so that your max out your troop kill ratios
  • In the Great Hall - Assign your Hero to Training and leave him there when not in use. You need him in this position if you decide to open in order for the hero advantage to take effect. If he is not assigned, you do not get the bonus.
  • Assign the hero to construction, production, and research when conducting those tasks. The hero only needs to be assigned, when you initially train, research or build. You can un-assign immediately after.