The Event Center – Hobbit KOM

So what is the event center and how does it work?

Basically the event center is a new feature that allows players to compete in tournaments and special events that KOM will be setting up. This is one of the best new features I have seen in a long time because you can actually see a "real time" leader board. Before, you had to wait until a tournament was over and then wait until Kabbam posted the results. This takes all the wait out of the equation and there are also instant payouts on prizes.

The Goblin Might Kill Event

So what do you need to hit. Basically when you open campaign mode, start attacking the boss levels. We had some luck and "Runes of Invulnerability" are dropping. So definitely worth while participating in these events. Also, it looks like they have announced a new level 220 Hero.

So how do you get to the event center?

Look on the bottom left hand corner and click on the Horn Icon.

event senter

You will then see what events are going on.

eventsAnd once inside you can see who is winning.