Artifacts & Relics – Hobbit Kingdoms Of Middle Earth

How to Get Artifacts in Hobbit KOM?

In order to get artifacts, you must be a level 5 or higher player and you need a Sage's Tower.Note that kabam will need to announce the new Guardian Feature as well as introducing campaigns. They will mail the world when these features are open to all. Go to your sages tower and click on the relics tab on top. You will notice that aside from listing your second and third city deeds if you have acquired them, you will also see Artifact 1, Artifact 2, etc.

list of relics and artifacts

list of relics

When you click inside Artifact 1, You will see what is required. Example 10 Precious Metals and 3 Gems.


You can get these items in Campaign mode (Quests >> Campaign). Once you are in Campaign mode in Map 1, you can gain precious metals by attacking any level except the boss level.

You can acquire gems in the boss level. You will also need keys to unlock the next map, but depending on your strategy you may want to finish out Level 1 relic before moving on. See more on leveling up your City Guardian.