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By Popular Demand we created a Troop Kill (TK) Calculator. Click on the calculator below.

troop kill calculator

This site is intended to be a useful guide for anyone that is actively playing The Hobbit - Kingdoms of Middle Earth. We will cover the basics and intend to have the answers to most of your questions. At the time of this post, I was ranking Top 40 in might with over 60 million might out of over 170,000 players on this particular server.

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Tourneys in honer of the olympic games are going on. Win gold, silver, and bronze medals and trade them in at the sage tower

Our current alliance ranks in the top 5 alliances. So the point is we are a wealth of knowledge and creating this website is the easiest way to share this knowledge.

Recently The game released the "Runecrafting Feature" so we will be discussing this in depth as the game continues to develop. I hope you enjoy the Hobbit Kingdoms of Middle Earth Guide. I thought I would share a picture of one of the raids I had on someones bank. You can definitely farm more than a billion in resources. My personal best was 2.6 billion in resources from one city!

kom resources